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Our aim is to provide you with the best maid service in Dubai! Our fully trained and experienced Filipino maids can undertake a multitude of tasks around the home, including laundry and ironing as well as cleaning your home.

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So why have a part time maid in Dubai? Most residents engage a part time maid service in Dubai so that they can have flexible and affordable home help, allowing them to fully enjoy the UAE lifestyle!

There are other maid companies in Dubai and other Dubai maids but we make sure that we have the best part time maids in Dubai by our thorough recruitment process and by looking after them well once they are in the country. We employ over 50 Filipino maids in Dubai, who all speak good English and have prior experience in maid service. Dubai is a great place to live and we take care of all your domestic tasks so that you can make the most out of it.

We think we have the best maids in Dubai and we’re sure that you will agree with us. Call 043619416 now to arrange your first appointment!